We have updated our ctewebsites.  Associates who had their website before September 27, 2017 will be updated soon. If your website hasn’t been updated, you can contact Jan and request the update.

There are new tutorials for the updated site here: http://ctewebsite.com/tutorials

Tutorials links are below and also in the right sidebar


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Getting Started

Introduction: 00:46

Responsive Website: 01:49

Login-Admin Panel: 1:42

Dashboard: 2:36

Toolbar-Backend and Frontend: 5:02 *Revised*

Users, Password, Gravatar: 6:29 *Revised*

General Settings, Site Title: 5:14 *Revised*

Get Organized, Folder: 4:36

Maintenance Mode: 5:14

Media Library: 6:29  


Replace Jim Bob’s Information

Change Header Logo: 2:22

Change Footer Logo: 3:34

Contact Info-At Top Left of  Pages: 1:33

Change Text – A Note About Jim Bob…Left of Slider: 3:17

Edit Home Page-Learn More Section: 9:02

Request Quote Contact Form – Change to Your Email Address: 4:01 *Revised*

Soliloquy Slider Basics: 10:50

Pixlr-CropResizeOptimize: 6:15

Change About Me Page: 6:59

Change Sidebar Bio on About Me Page: 6:37

Social Media In Footer: 4:48

Hide Social Media Icons: 12:41

Social Media Share Using AddToAny Plugin: 3:16 New-July 20, 2016

Social Media Follow Using AddToAny Plugin Widget in Footer 3:00 New-July 20, 2016

Navigation Menus – Add and Remove Menu Items: 8:34

Remove References to Keynotes: 4:00  



Create Links: 2:53

Create Email Links: 4:21


Pages-Edit & Create New

Index Pages-All Pages: 3:18

Create a New Page from an Existing Page: 8:03

New Page, Edit Text, Insert Video: 19:19

Restore Pages from Revisions:4:14  


WooCommerce Shopping Cart

PayPal Business Setup: 12:02  *Revised October 2016*

Shop/Cart Overview: 6:34

WooCommerce Settings: 13:37

Products Overview: 4:01

Products-Change Order: 3:32

Product Categories: 6:27

Add New Products: 5:12

Add Virtual Products: 4:06

Coupon Code


Video Tutorials

Setup Vimeo Account: 6:36

Compression & Editing of Video: 6:36

Vimeo Settings and Embed Code: 6:40

Replace Video on Existing Pages: 5:12

Add New Video on New Page: 5:12 



Google Analytics: 7:49

Create a Blog: 10:14

Create and Delete Blog Posts: 7:20