We have updated our ctewebsites.  Associates who had their website before September 27, 2017 will be updated soon. If your website hasn’t been updated, you can contact Jan and request the update.

There are new tutorials for the updated site here: http://ctewebsite.com/tutorials

Tutorials links are below and also in the right sidebar


Click Here for more website tips, notes, and graphics.




Getting Started

Introduction: 00:46

Responsive Website: 01:49

Login-Admin Panel: 1:42

Dashboard: 2:36

Toolbar-Backend and Frontend: 5:02 *Revised*

Users, Password, Gravatar: 6:29 *Revised*

General Settings, Site Title: 5:14 *Revised*

Get Organized, Folder: 4:36

Maintenance Mode: 5:14

Media Library: 6:29  


Replace Jim Bob’s Information

Change Header Logo: 2:22

Change Footer Logo: 3:34

Contact Info-At Top Left of  Pages: 1:33

Change Text – A Note About Jim Bob…Left of Slider: 3:17

Edit Home Page-Learn More Section: 9:02

Request Quote Contact Form – Change to Your Email Address: 4:01 *Revised*

Soliloquy Slider Basics: 10:50

Pixlr-CropResizeOptimize: 6:15

Change About Me Page: 6:59

Change Sidebar Bio on About Me Page: 6:37

Social Media In Footer: 4:48

Hide Social Media Icons: 12:41

Social Media Share Using AddToAny Plugin: 3:16 New-July 20, 2016

Social Media Follow Using AddToAny Plugin Widget in Footer 3:00 New-July 20, 2016

Navigation Menus – Add and Remove Menu Items: 8:34

Remove References to Keynotes: 4:00  



Create Links: 2:53

Create Email Links: 4:21


Pages-Edit & Create New

Index Pages-All Pages: 3:18

Create a New Page from an Existing Page: 8:03

New Page, Edit Text, Insert Video: 19:19

Restore Pages from Revisions:4:14  


WooCommerce Shopping Cart

PayPal Business Setup: 12:02  *Revised October 2016*

Shop/Cart Overview: 6:34

WooCommerce Settings: 13:37

Products Overview: 4:01

Products-Change Order: 3:32

Product Categories: 6:27

Add New Products: 5:12

Add Virtual Products: 4:06

Coupon Code


Video Tutorials

Setup Vimeo Account: 6:36

Compression & Editing of Video: 6:36

Vimeo Settings and Embed Code: 6:40

Replace Video on Existing Pages: 5:12

Add New Video on New Page: 5:12 



Google Analytics: 7:49

Create a Blog: 10:14

Create and Delete Blog Posts: 7:20 


  1. Hello Jan,
    Can you send me info regarding the “Join Our Mailing List” spot to click on. Do we have to adjust this to send the info to our own email. I’m not having luck finding it.



    • Scott, There’s nothing you have to do for Join Our Mailing list. We have one database that all names go into. When someone signs up on your website I get a notice by email. I then forward that notice which contains the person’s contact info to you.

      I have had some associates who replaced the form with their own form and collected names by way of something like mailchimp.com. However, if you’re happy with me forwarding you the info when someone signs up that’s great! ~~Jan

  2. Hi Jan
    I’ve created a new logo based off of business cards. So I wanted my branding to be the same. Is there a way to change the color of the button called “join our mailing list”? I couldn’t find it in any of the tutorials

    • Hi Sandy,
      I have changed your JoinOurMailingList button to a color I picked up in your logo. I added some CSS code to make the change. Here’s where you go to change it: Appearance-CronusThemeOptions. Scroll to the bottom of the page to a field called Custom CSS. Click in the field and scroll to the bottom of the field. You’ll see the CSS code as I’m showing in this graphic…http://ctewebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/changeJoinMailingListColor.png The number that’s circled in the graphic is a hexcode. You can go here to get hexcode values: http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp
      Let me know if you want more assistance. ~~Jan

  3. Hi Jan,

    How do I make the font bigger for my header and footer?

    • Do you mean on your logos? As I’ve looked at your site I’m sure you do mean logos…the header was my fault. I sent you the wrong version. I have fixed the header logo and it’s on your site. Your logo is wider than normal. In the footer it’s being resized to fit a small area…that’s why it looks so small. I re-did it as well but as I said it’s just too wide for the column it’s in so it automatically shrinks.

      • Thank you so much!! It looks great!

  4. Jan,
    I just tried to go to my website and it seems to have disappeared completely. When I type in my URL: http://www.brendalafayetteeducational.com, it redirects me to this site. Can you do some investigating and see what is going on?

    Thank you,
    Brenda LaFayette

  5. Jan,
    I somehow managed to delete the image of the yellow Time to Teach book. Can you restore it?


    • Hi Greg,
      I have restored the image. Please check it and make sure all is okay.

  6. I would like to redirect some other web site URL’s (for example, with .biz or .org extension) to my TTT web site. I want to make sure they are redirected to my web site domain, not the ctewebsite domain. Word Press has a Domain Mapping Tool; do you have instructions on how to use this on a multi-part web site like the ctewebsite?
    Thank you, Jan.

    • Hi David,
      We usually redirect these where you purchased the domains. For instance, if you purchased at a domain at GoDaddy, they can be redirected at your GoDaddy account. I can email you instructions for GoDaddy. Where did you purchase the domains?

  7. Hi Jan,
    I have a question regarding my blog posts. I wrote one today, but when I preview it on my web site, all of my paragraphs are removed and it is just one long paragraph. The post is about classroom management. When I look at on my dashboard, the paragraphs are there. What am I doing wrong.I am going to save it as a draft and will wait to actually publish until I hear back from you.

    • Hi Brenda,
      Wordpress likes to strip paragraph tags. The plugin we were using to keep that from happening quit working with the last WordPress update we did over the weekend. We installed a new plugin to take of this and it also gives more formatting options on your toolbar when editing a page. I’ve been turning this plugin on for everyone today…just didn’t get to yours before you edited your post. Put the paragraphs back in your post. It should work fine now. I went in and fixed the plugin settings for your site.
      Sorry for the inconvenience!

  8. Where can I find marketing information such as letters to principals and phone scripts; and other information? Also, where can I find successful storytelling topics on the portal? If its on the portal I cannot find it. Please help!

    Thank you.


    • Naudain, these are questions for you director. I help you with your website questions and am happy to do so. I don’t work with the portal at all. I’m sure your director will give you guidance. ~~Jan

  9. Hi Jan, Thank you for the tutorials! I tried to follow the directions exactly , but I must have made a mistake. Our footer when uploaded does not look like the one I was given. Thank you.

    • Hi, Margaret! I think you uploaded the logos more than once and had code from 2 different logos pasted in. I have fixed it. Since there are two names in your logo it is shrinking to it the place in the footer. Let me know if you want just your first names in the footer logo.

      I also adjusted your header logo to make it the normal size. Let me know if you would rather it be the way it was.

      When you get to the About Me page, you can duplicate the modules so that both of you can have you own picture and bio. Let me know if you need help doing that.


      • Hi Jan,
        Thank you so much for your help! Yes, thank you for the suggestion of duplicating the “About Me” modules. How would I do that?

        Also, how can I create a title using our “Better Tools Better Teachers” website name only as a title for the introductory page?

        Thank you again, for the support, wisdom and guidance!

        • Margaret, if you will edit the about me page and scroll to the modules, you can duplicate the module by clicking what this graphic shows you:
          Click Here for the graphic

          I’m not sure what you mean by this, “…how can I create a title using our “Better Tools Better Teachers” website name only as a title for the introductory page?”
          Do you want a different Logo? Please explain more.


  10. Very helpful information, Jan. How do I create a logo to replace Jim Bob’s? I noticed you uploaded one from your computer, but I don’t have one to upload.

    • Tildon, I just emailed you the logos for your website. Sorry for the delay! Let me know if you need in assistance in customizing your site! ~~Jan

  11. Awesome site Jan! Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials they make it so easy to edit this site.
    My contact form works great going to my gmail account.

    Please thank everyone on your team who make this website possible for all of us CTE Trainers.

    You are amazing!

    • Thanks, Patt! I’ll pass on your positive comments! ~~ Jan

  12. Jan,
    I just finished going through these videos. Thank-you for doing these. It made the setup process very easy to follow. Without the videos, it could have been a nightmare to get all of the changes without multiple page ‘explosions.’

    Thanks again,

  13. When people click on “Join Our Mailing List” do associates get the contact information, or does it go to corporate?

    • Jeannine, this is how it works right now:
      1. The info from all sites goes into one database.
      2. The information that comes into the database includes what site the lead was generated from.
      3. We then email you the information based on those who signed up on your site.

  14. Hello Jan,

    I hope that all is well. I was trying to add my twitter account to the footer icon. I was able to add it, but it ended up being attached to someone elses’s Twitter account with the same name so I cleared it. Then I tried it again, now the entire icon has been deleted. HELP!


    • No problem, Donna. I have pasted the twitter code back as it was originally. Your button is back. It has Jim Bob’s twitter information so you’ll need to replace it again.

      One thing you can do before you edit widgets…or any code…is to copy and paste the code on a notepad (Windows) or Textpad (Mac) document. That way if something goes wrong, you have the original code to paste back in and start over in the editing process.

  15. Hello Jan,

    The videos were uploaded and everything looks great. However, I am still having a problem with the contact form. I submitted one to my email address, but it is not being received. Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.




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