Put your information in the text left of the slider…

Transcript of the Video Tutorial:

Home page: Change this section where it says A Note from Jim Bob to a note from you and put your information to replace his.

I suggest that you make your information here about the same size and about the same amount of words as Jim Bob’s because that looks good on this page. Approximately 110 words is what looks good. If you type it in a Word Document, you can see how many words you’re typing.

If logged into your site, go to the Home page and click Edit Page on the top toolbar. That takes you to the backend, and this is where we edit the Home page.

Notice that we are using what is called a page builder, and page builder is made up of modules. In the very first module here, and I’ve tried to label these modules so you would know what was inside of each one of them…this is a text module and it says text left of the slider, which happens to be what we want to edit.

I’m going to click on these three bars and that opens our text module. Scroll down, and on the right side you see Visual and Text. We are on visual right now. That’s what you see is what you get editor, and the other one is Text and it’s the HTML code for the page. There are times that you will edit the HTML code instead of the visual; I’ll let you know when you need to do that.

I’m going to go back to Visual right now because you could easily change this to be your name right here, and if you wanted it to say something besides a note from Jim Bob then you certainly could. So if I wanted this to be from me I would just highlight Jim Bob and then put my name. It’s that simple.

I’m going to change that back to Jim Bob. You can type it out either here or you can type it out in a word document, and then copy it and paste it in here.

Once you have put your information here, all you have to do is click Save. Just because you click save doesn’t mean the changes are permanent. Changes are not really saved until you go to right side and click Update. When you click update your changes are truly saved. You can go up to the tool bar and click View Page which takes you to the frontend. Whatever changes you made should show up now.