Remove or change My Keynotes…

Transcript of  the Video Tutorial – Removing Keynotes

You may need to either move or change the words and links to keynotes. Jim Bob is a keynote speaker so on his website you will have a page or two about his keynotes. So I’m going to point here and you can see my keynotes right here.

Click on About My Services. This page has links to sub-items under About My Services. You need to get rid of My Keynotes if you’re not going to use it.  Or you may need to change it to link to a new page you create…another service you offer.

Go up and click on Edit Page.  Scroll down to the text to module that says Links to Your Services. Click one time on those three black bars. Scroll down and highlight My Keynotes and delete it… just like you might do in a word document.

Now Save the module, and then click Update. View the page and make sure that it did what it was supposed to do.

Repeat the steps above on the Training Overview page.