Put your list of products in a different order…rearrange

Transcript of Tutorial on Rearranging the Order of  Your Products

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can put this list of products in a different order.  But before we do, that we have categories on this page. We have created all of these categories and I will be showing you how to do those in a later tutorial.

The first product on my page right now is Jim Bob’s book. That’s what he would want to be first on the page. Then comes Classroom Management Training Resource Manual, then Teach – To’s, then the Yellow Book, then the Yellow Book in Audio Form, and so forth down the page.

I’m going to show you how you can reorder these. Let’s say for instance you are strictly a DI trainer right now, you might want your DI books to be listed before all of the Classroom Management books.

I wouldn’t delete any of the books because you never know when a visitor to your site might want to purchase a Classroom Management Book.  I am going to show you how you can reorder or rearrange the Differentiated Instruction Books to be first on your list.

Here I am at the dashboard and on the left hand side on the main menu I’m going to go to Products – Reorder. Now Reorder has nothing to do with people ordering products from you. It has to do with how they display on your shop page…what order in which they are listed. As we saw just a minute ago Jim Bob’s book was first, and here’s why it’s first…because it’s at the top of this list. Then we saw the Classroom Management Training Resource Manual…it was second, You see it is second on this list. Then we saw the Teach-To’s which is third on our list, Yellow Book which is fourth on our list, and AudioY ellowBook which is fifth on our list. They are in that order because I have them in that order on this product reorder page.

Let’s say I wanted to reorder or put anything above any of these. I might take this Teaching the Blues Away CD, click and hold the mouse button down and drag it, and drop it wherever I want it.  I have moved it and it will be reflected on our Shop page.

Going on down our list I see Differentiated Instruction Books start right here. If I look on down my page I see the rest of these all have Differentiated Instruction on them. Here is our dice which we use in Differentiated Instruction.

If I want to move these up to be in front of any of the ClassroomManagement products, I would just click, hold my mouse button down and I would drag it to the top. That’s how you reorder or you rearrange things. That’s all I’m going to show you, but once you are through you would need to click Update in order for those changes to take effect.