General Settings and Change Site Title…

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General Settings – Transcript of Video

Login to the Backend of your site.

Go to Settings>General.

This is where you can change the site title and taglines. Your Site Title may be your name or business/url name. Choose a tagline or leave it as Teach This Tomorrow. The Site Title shows up on the browser tab.

VERY IMPORTANT…Your email address must be entered on this page. If there is an email address on this page that is not yours, you must change it. NOTE: You may receive an email to confirm this change to your email address. This is the email address that WordPress uses to notify you about things that happen on the site…like emails about sales made in your store or any updates or comments that are held for moderation and other things. It’s IMPORTANT to have an email address here that works.

Time zone can be changed to reflect the time zone where you live. For instance, I live in the Central Time Zone, so I chose Chicago because it’s in my same time zone. You just click and scroll and find whatever time zone you live in.

You can change the date format and the time format to your preference. You can choose what day of the week you would want to the week to start on. Now this affects the calendar within WordPress. If you display the calendar on your site, this will impact what day is set as the start day of the week.

Be sure to click Save Changes when you’re done with your changes on this page. In fact when you make changes on any page you must Update the page.

Let’s go back to the Main Menu on the left. Go to Settings>Writing. This page pertains mostly to posts, which you would use if you were doing a blog. At this time your site really has no blog pages that we’ve set up for you to use. WE NOW HAVE BLOG CAPIBILITIES…SEE THE TUTORIAL. The main pages on your site are called Pages. Pages contain static information.

Go back to the Main Menu and let’s look at Settings>Reading. You set your front page or your homepage in this area. Notice that it’s already set to a static page and the front page we’re calling Home.

Search engine visibility…you can leave that checked or unchecked. If you do not want search engines to look at your site until you have it all set up you could check that to be turned on and that would discourage the robots coming in to check your website. I’m just going to leave it unchecked and then I’m going to scroll down and Save any changes that I may have made.