Change the footer logo…

Change Footer Logo – short transcript of the video tutorial

There are several ways that you can upload your footer logo…or any other image.

  1. Go up to the top toolbar to New>Media.
  2. Go to the left menu and click Media> Add New
  3. Go to your media library and click Add New.

In the media library I clicked Add New> Add Files From My Computer. I navigate to where I saved Pam Bouie’s footer logo and I’m going to double-click it to start the upload. When it’s done, you can see the logo in the media library. I click on it, and that takes me where I can find the URL for the logo image. I triple-click inside that URL field to select the entire URL. I can copy the URL with one of these methods:

  1. Right-Click>Copy
  2. On a Windows computer, CTRL + C
  3. On a Mac, Command + C

Click the X to go back to the Media Library. On the left menu, go to Appearance>Widgets.

Footer 1, Footer 2 and Footer 3 control the footer. The footer logo is in Footer 2.

Expand Footer 2 by clicking on the triangle, and then expand the HTML/Javascript widget.

Highlight from the HTTP all the way to the PNG, in between the two quotation marks. Be sure you leave those quotation marks. To paste the URL for the footer logo I can do one of these with that highlighted area:

  1. Right-Click>Paste
  2. On a Windows computer, CTRL + V
  3. On a Mac, Command + V

For ALT text in place of Jim Bob’s name you can put your name, and I’m going to put Pam Bouie.

For the newer websites I’ve taken out the width and height.

Scroll down and save. It doesn’t take long to save these widgets.

Now, check the logos by viewing the Frontend. Go up to the toolbar and right-click on the name of the site, click Open Link in New Tab. If you already have the Frontend open, click to Refresh the page. Check that the change was made correctly.