Text Left of Slider

Put your information in the text left of the slider…

Transcript of the Video Tutorial:

Home page: Change this section where it says A Note from Jim Bob to a note from you and put your information to replace his.

I suggest that you make your information here about the same size and about the same amount of words as Jim Bob’s because that looks good on this page. Approximately 110 words is what looks good. If you type it in a Word Document, you can see how many words you’re typing.

If logged into your site, go to the Home page and click Edit Page on the top toolbar. That takes you to the backend, and this is where we edit the Home page.

Notice that we are using what is called a page builder, and page builder is made up of modules. In the very first module here, and I’ve tried to label these modules so you would know what was inside of each one of them…this is a text module and it says text left of the slider, which happens to be what we want to edit.

I’m going to click on these three bars and that opens our text module. Scroll down, and on the right side you see Visual and Text. We are on visual right now. That’s what you see is what you get editor, and the other one is Text and it’s the HTML code for the page. There are times that you will edit the HTML code instead of the visual; I’ll let you know when you need to do that.

I’m going to go back to Visual right now because you could easily change this to be your name right here, and if you wanted it to say something besides a note from Jim Bob then you certainly could. So if I wanted this to be from me I would just highlight Jim Bob and then put my name. It’s that simple.

I’m going to change that back to Jim Bob. You can type it out either here or you can type it out in a word document, and then copy it and paste it in here.

Once you have put your information here, all you have to do is click Save. Just because you click save doesn’t mean the changes are permanent. Changes are not really saved until you go to right side and click Update. When you click update your changes are truly saved. You can go up to the tool bar and click View Page which takes you to the frontend. Whatever changes you made should show up now.


  1. Hey Paula,
    Two things: I think I destroyed the meta-tags by pasting a paragraph in there so that the site or page takes too long to load and google shuts it down.
    2. Trying to update the information on the right side of the page under ‘my bio’ to remove Jim Bob’s info.
    Barbara’s Chimp in Training

    • Hi Barbara, this is Jan. I’m your support person for your website.
      I don’t understand what you mean about the meta-tags…would you email me a screenshot of what you did?

      Click on my links below to see how to edit your Bio on the right side of the About Me page. Both screenshots show how to edit that section. Go to Appearance-Widgets to find this area in the backend of your website.
      Also, are you following the ToDoList that I sent to you?

    • .:. working on to do list .:.

      • Great! Let me know if you need assistance!~~Jan

  2. I followed your excellent video but the “a note from” section is blank. It is edited in the box with my information but does not show on the front page.

    • Hi Paula, You theme had been changed…I changed it back and made some adjustments. You should see the A note from Paula section now. ~~Jan

      • Thank you for the quick response. You rock.

        • Awww…thanks, Paula!

  3. Jan,

    The sidebar on my main page overlaps the content. I can’t seem to move the margins. For example the icons for FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc all cover my content. How can I fix that?

    • Hi Eva, I apologize. I think I totally overlooked this question. I have fixed this for you. Please test it. I went to Settings-AddToAny, clicked on Floating tab, changed to Display only when screen is larger than 1200 px wide.

  4. Hi Jan,
    I see a passage copied twice on the opening page (A not from Dee) of my website and I am not sure how to delete the duplicate passage. Please help! Thanks 🙂

  5. Thank you, Jan! As always, your new tutorial was so easy to follow and I was able to link to an outside news article as well as within the site. I also linked the “Contact me” to the quote form.
    Vicki Boase

    • Glad you were successful, Vicki! Your questions about links made me realize I needed to do tutorials that focused only on links. So…thanks for the questions! ~~Jan

  6. Hi Jan,
    I’d like to find a way to link to a recent news article about my teaching. I was thinking the best way is to refer or link to it on my home page “left of slider” bio. Is that possible? How would I do that?
    Also related to that, I never figured out how to make the “contact me” link to my phone and email info. Please help. Thank you for your excellent tutorials and all your help.
    Vicki Boase

    • Hi Vicki!
      You can certainly make a link in the text left of slider. Watch this new short tutorial:

      I’m not sure I understand the second part of your question. What do you mean by, “make the “contact me’ link to my phone and email info”. I’m going to answer what I think you’re asking.

      In the A Note from Jim Bob section, that “Contact Me” link takes them to your Request a Quote page where they fill out a form that should email to you after you get that set up. You can certainly put your email address and phone number on there and anywhere on your site that you want. Watch this new tutorial to learn how to make an email link:

      Let me know if you need more help.

  7. Your tutorials are outstanding and so easy to follow! Thank you so much for doing these!

    • Thanks, Angela! I appreciate your comment! ~~Jan

  8. I am so lost. My web pages do not look the same for changing pages. help! I just think if my pages were the same, these are wonderful tutorials. Sorry….

    • Cheryl,

      Here are the most common fixes that have worked when people tell me their screen doesn’t look like mine:

      Several people have had their browser zoomed in to 125% or more instead of 100%.

      Sometimes it’s because their browser isn’t or can’t be updated. I usually recommend they download Chrome and try that.

      I usually ask:

      What operating system you have on your computer? One of these? Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or do you have a Mac computer?

      What Browser are you using? One of these?… Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome?

      If zoom and browser aren’t the issue, I usually take a look at your screen using an app.

      Please let me know if my suggestions work or you need more assistance!


  9. Jan,

    Thank you for the excellent step by step guidance.
    Dr. Edwards

    • You’re welcome, Dr. Edwards!

  10. When I get to the Text Module view, Jim Bob’s information isn’t in the box to edit and I cannot enter my own text either. I’ve tried this a couple times and I’m not sure what I need to do. Thank you for your help!

    • Tammy, On your site, I can see Jim Bob’s information and where to edit. When you click to edit the page, the Page Builder Modules should load. Open the module that says Text Module-Text left of Slider. That’s where you edit A Note from Jim Bob…which is on the left side of the slider.

      Let me know if you still can’t still see where to edit and we’ll try something else.

      • Thank you Jan for your quick reply.
        I clicked on the 3 lines of the gray module that is labeled Text Module-Text left of Slider. In the new window that pops up, the content box is empty. There are two buttons on top of the box: Add Media or Add Slider. Then in blue below those buttons are Text Visual. Clicking on either of these still doesn’t fill the content box

        • Tammy, when that new window pops up, are you scrolling on down? There’s a lot more you can see by scrolling down. Please let me know if this solves the issue.

          • I have used the scroll bar but I don’t see anything more in the content box. For what it’s worth, the edit buttons (like bold, italics, etc.) aren’t in the content box either.

          • Tammy, I have emailed you at your TTT email address.

    • This is an update to the issue Tammy was having. She was using the browser, Internet Explorer. It was not the latest version of IE and we were having an issue updating it…we decided to try a totally different browser. Tammy choose to use Chrome. She downloaded and installed it. Using Chrome, the issue she was having was solved. She can now edit the pages and they are functioning properly.

      I encourage everyone to keep your browsers updated. Also, it’s good to have several browsers on your computer. Websites display differently in all browsers…so it’s a great idea to check how your site looks in other browsers. Some common ones are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

  11. This is awesome!

    I am enjoying going through the tutorials and making the changes.

    Great job!!!!


    • Thank you, Pam! I’m glad the tutorials are helping you get your site set up! I’ll keep adding tutorials for a while!


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