Set up AddToAny Follow Widget in Footer 3 by linking to your Social Media Profiles…


  1. Jan, I followed the instructions for the social media pieces at the end of my page. Could you take a look at it. It does link but not directly. I would appreciate your feedback on that. THanks

  2. Hi Jan, If I already followed your instructions in a previous tutorial, to correct the links in each of the FB, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons, and they do go to my accounts, is it necessary to also follow the instructions in this tutorial? I guess I am not clear if this results in a different, and supplemental, action; or if it is just a second method for ensuring these buttons go to our correct accounts.

    Thank you so much.

    • Julie, I recently added a plugin called AddToAny. It’s a different way to put social media in footer and to float share buttons down the page. I can activate it on your website if you want to use it. It gives more choices for sharing and following.



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