Change the footer social media information…

Transcript of Changing Social Media

In this tutorial we will be setting up the social media icons to reflect your information instead of Jim Bob’s.

Let’s start over on the left side with the Share My Page. First of all, with Share My Page, you are not going to have to do anything to them. They will already be okay for you. Share My Page simply means if someone clicks on these icons they can share whatever page they are on. We’re on the homepage right now. If someone clicked on LinkedIn this would open up, and I’m going to expand that so we can see it. If they are a member they can sign in, and then they could share your Home page on their LinkedIn page.  Or if they were on your About Me page they would share that page.

The same for Twitter. I could sign in and Tweet a link to your Home page or whatever page I happen to be on of yours.  I could tweet about it right here.

The same for Facebook, I was already logged into Facebook so it just wants me to share your link, and I will be sharing your Home page link since that’s the page I was on when I clicked the Facebook icon.

Here’s a side note for Facebook: If you test the Share Facebook and it still shows Jim Bob’s info even though you have changed A Note About Jim Bob to your information, please let me know. I can tell you how to fix that issue.

On the right side we have Follow Me buttons. That means these buttons would take visitors to your pages on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. They would take them to your pages and then they could follow you or like you on your social media pages. So if I clicked on LinkedIn, that’s going to take me Jim Bob’s LinkedIn page where I can start following him. It’s the same for Twitter and the same for Facebook.

The RSS feed button is what someone could click on if you are doing a blog.  You would want people to be notified on a regular basis when you are doing new blog posts. They could be notified by the RSS feed that you had posted new content.

We will change Jim Bob’s social media information to your information by going to our main menu here, to Appearance>Widgets. The widget panel opens up and the social media icons are in the FooterArea 3. Expand footer area 3, then the Text wideget triangle. Scroll down and find Jim Bob’s LinkedIn information. Highlight between the two quotation marks starting with the HTTP all the way to the next quotation mark. DO NOT delete to the quotation marks.  Paste your LinkedIn link.

Scrolling down a little bit farther you see Jim Bob’s Twitter information. Once again, highlight in between the two quotation marks, and paste your information your link to your Twitter page.

Highlight Jim Bob’s Facebook information in between the two quotation marks. Paste your Facebook page URL.

Your social media icons are set up. You will scroll down, click Save. Go to the frontend. You can check the three links.