Shop Page and Cart Page Overview

Overview of your shop page and cart page…


  1. Hi Jan, In your tutorial you said that we could change / delete categories but I don’t see how to do that. Also, is it possible to change the order of books in shop? If so, how? Thanks.

  2. In this tutorial we are directed to make sure the pay pal account optional button is turned on. Do we also have to put in our own website on the same page – it’s blank – so that shoppers will return to our page when done shopping? Thanks!

    • Sally, it doesn’t hurt to put your website in PayPal. When someone checks out and the order is complete they are taken back to your site to a Thank you, your order has been received…along with order details. It’s a page in your site, with your logo, menu bar, etc. It doesn’t return here because you put your website url in PayPal. It comes from the shopping cart on your site, Woocommerce. You will see how to set up WooCommerce and Paypal express checkout in the next tutorial video. Hope this helps! ~~Jan

  3. Jan Solsbery,

    Thanks again for your guidance. I tried to follow your steps on my computer as you did the checkout items. I did not see where to cancel it so I just emptied the items in my cart and closed without saving anything. However, I noticed when I tried to do my editing of the products page on the products tutorial, I see the items do not display as your site in your tutorial. The products are far apart, the prices, and books’ information are all distorted. I cannot move forward with this last part of my website. I already set up pay pal and added that account.
    What to do?

  4. I just figured out how to change prices. Now my next concern is directing people who have my old website to this one. Thanks.

    • Jeannine, is your other site hosted at GoDaddy? Did you buy your domain name at GoDaddy?

      • My other site is hosted by GoDaddy and I purchased the domain name with them. I own it through 2/17.

  5. Please direct me to the tutorial that tells me how to change prices if I decide to do so. Also, I have a website with GoDaddy. How can I redirect people to from the other website? What should I do with that website in order to make it disappear? I love what you’ve done for us! I can’t imagine the time you’ve put into it. Thank you.

    • Jeannine, I plan to do a tutorial on Products today. In the meantime, go to Products in the main menu in the backend of your site. It’s located directly under WooCommerce. This takes you to the index of products. Click on one to edit it. Scroll down the page and you will see a field called regular price. Change the price and then be sure to click Update on the right side of the page to save your changes. You can also see categories we have created on the right side and can check which categories you want a product to be included in.

      As for your other site, let me ask Barney where you would need to redirect that website to exactly. I’ll get back with on this question.

    • Jeannine, Barney will make the redirect for you if you will send him your GoDaddy login info. He says if you want the old site to go away you can cancel hosting at GoDaddy and the domain will redirect just fine.

  6. Here is a question I’ve been asked:

    How do I rearrange the “Visit My Store” page to have the DI materials front and center since I only have DI at the moment?

    My Answer:

    I’m in the process of creating tutorials for our WooCommerce shopping cart. If you want to try on your own before the tutorial is posted, go to the backend of your site. On the main menu go to:
    Products > Re-Order. You can click and drag the products in the order you want. Be sure to click Update when you’re done. Go to products on the menu to remove Jim Bob’s book.


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