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Remove or change My Keynotes…

Transcript of  the Video Tutorial – Removing Keynotes

You may need to either move or change the words and links to keynotes. Jim Bob is a keynote speaker so on his website you will have a page or two about his keynotes. So I’m going to point here and you can see my keynotes right here.

Click on About My Services. This page has links to sub-items under About My Services. You need to get rid of My Keynotes if you’re not going to use it.  Or you may need to change it to link to a new page you create…another service you offer.

Go up and click on Edit Page.  Scroll down to the text to module that says Links to Your Services. Click one time on those three black bars. Scroll down and highlight My Keynotes and delete it… just like you might do in a word document.

Now Save the module, and then click Update. View the page and make sure that it did what it was supposed to do.

Repeat the steps above on the Training Overview page.


  1. Thank you, Jan for creating such great tutorials that it actually is fun to learn how to edit the WordPress site. I love the feeling of accomplishment when doing something so new and you can immediately see the changes and know if you are doing correctly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Awww…thank you Adrienne for the nice comments! You made my day! I’m glad you enjoy learning!

  2. I tried to edit the “keynote” link to say something different. I successfully changed the name of the link, but it still shows the blurb about “what do you mean keynotes? I don’t do keynotes…” I then found your tutorial on removing the “keynote” link. I did that, but I cannot delete or hide the new link I made. I need to remove it or get that wording changed, but can’t figure out how to undo what I did with that link. (am I making any sense? lol) Help?

    • Hi DiAnn, to change the keynote page content this tutorial is helpful… Basically you can edit the page and Load Layout of a page you like, then change the content. For instance, you might load the CM Program page then change the questions and answers from CM to fit your new content. I can make you a new page banner…the black and blue one that eases onto each page.
      To change the wording on a menu item, go to Appearance-Menus and be sure you’re on the Main Menu. Expand the menu item and change the Navigation Label, then Save Menu. I hope that answers your questions. If not please ask again. ~~Jan

  3. Jan,

    On my home page I have a listing in the background, as the partial list below indicates, in the same color blue as my header logo. I don’t how to get rid of it. Also, the menu that lists ” About My Services, Training Overview, College Credits, etc” doesn’t show up on my website as mentioned in your tutorial on removing “My Keynotes”.
    Your help would be appreciated.

    Doug Kruse

    Differentiated Instruction Agenda
    About My Services
    Training Overview
    College Credits
    My Keynotes
    About Me
    Request Quote
    Classroom Management Program

    • Doug, I’ve already emailed you about this but I will answer here also. It was no fault of yours but we thought it was best to re-clone your site. I hope I replaced your info that you had put on there. Let me know if I left something off.

  4. Hi Jan,
    I wanted to edit the content on the keynote page. I clicked on what was called the Test Module box.
    When it opened I could only see half of the Keynote page where you listed things like author, tutor, other trainer.

    Was I in the wrong area to edit that keynote page?

    I could not see a slider at the bottom of the page to move over to edit the visual text box. I got the visual tab for editing, just could not read the whole page. It was cutting the page off on the left side.

    Was this my error or do I need to click default page to reset?


    • Patt,

      The Keynote page was created to show you that you can add your other endeavors on your site. You don’t have to use it…you can create your own page. There are tutorials on creating new pages. I recommend you watch them when working with the keynotes page or any new page.

      With that said, I know I haven’t answered your question…lol! It sounds like you were editing in correct location. When I click on the Test Module, I have a scroll bar on the right, not on the bottom of the module. However, I can see both the Visual and Text tabs. I see the entire module. The first thing I will ask you is about the zoom of your browser. Is your zoom more than 100%?

      Let me know, ~~Jan


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