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  1. Jan, I am having trouble finding my pictures to edit when I’m on pixlr.com. When I choose “open image from computer” how do I get to my website photos? I’m not sure how to save the images on my computer. Please help me!!!

    • Hi Debra,
      The pictures in your media library are the correct size for your slider. They don’t need editing. But…to get them into pixlr you would need to click on one in your media library, then right click on the picture and save to your computer. You could then upload to pixlr from your computer.
      Are you editing pictures that aren’t in your media library…new ones you have on your computer?

      • Jan,
        I am trying to use the picture with the front of the yellow book, but it doesn’t show correctly. Actually, none of the book cover photos show the entire cover of the books.

        • Debra, I sent some screenshots to you via email. See if they help. If not we can try again. ~~Jan

  2. What does the quality number mean? Is higher better or lower better? What am I actually doing by adjusting that number? I don’t see any difference in the “quality” of the picture.

    Also, I took a picture that was 4992 × 3328 and reduced it to 640 x 360 which then showed a picture that was teeny tiny (17%). I raised it to 100% and the quality of the picture was quite degraded. I have settled on 90% because I don’t want it too small. Is there anything else I can do to make it look better beyond reducing the size further?

    • Hi Tonya,

      Would you send me your original picture…the one that’s 4992×3328? I’d like to see what I can get pixlr to do with it and I’ll better be able to advise. Please send it to jan@timetoteach.com.



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