How to put your website in Maintenance Mode…


  1. Thank you for these tutorials, Jan! You are truly a GodSend to us! Sue TK

    • Awww…Thanks, Sue! I’m glad you’re finding them helpful!

  2. Jan:

    I am a computer illiterate. I do not know how to upload my logo from the email you sent. I did download it. But I don’t know how to transfer it to set up maintenance mode.I also need to know how to set up a file and then place additional files into it as you suggested in the get organized section. Is there an even more basic tutorial you can suggest for teaching these basic computer needs?

    • Larry, I have uploaded your logos to your media library and put them on your site. Your header logo and footer logo are in place, as well as your Maintenance Mode. Please check it out. Since you are computer challenged, if you want to set up a time for me to show you some things by way of a phone call/screen share, let me know. I do this sometimes with folks who want to learn but need a little extra help. Email me at and we can get something set up.

      I don’t know what type of computer you are using but I’m going to point you to some YouTube videos to help with creating folders.
      For Windows 8:

      For Windows 7:

      For Mac:

      Let me know if you have other questions. ~Jan

  3. First, thanks for all the tutorials. The tutorials have answered many questions. However, I can’t get my site out of maintenance mode. I reviewed the tutorial on maintenance mode, but when I click Basic nothing comes up to continue. Please advise, I’m sure it ME!

    Thanks, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon, I don’t know what happened that you couldn’t get to Basic…maybe a glitch at that moment in time. I just went there and it came up okay. I turned off your Maintenance Mode then clicked save. I checked it, and Maintenance mode is off. I could get to your site from a browser where I wasn’t logged in to the backend of your site.
      Glad the tutorials are helpful…let me know if you need other assistance! ~~Jan

  4. I really feel dumb. I read and listened to this tutorial at least ten times. I think I have done exactly what you said. At one point I forgot to deselect main mode and save but finally figured that out but every time I check – even logging in via Safari – I get Jim Bob’s info. I do not have any idea what I am doing wrong. Do I have to be in firefox to do editing on the backside of our site? I don’t think i entered through firefox. Would that be the problem?

    • Merry, I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you wanting to put your site in maintenance mode while you customize it?. Or…have you already replaced some of Jim Bob’s information and it’s not showing up?

      Firefox is not the only browser you can use. I use it and Chrome most of the time. Some people have had problems with old versions of Internet Explorer, especially if they are using Windows Vista.


  5. Great tutorial!!! Your help is tremendous in setting up websites. Thanks!!

    • Glad you like them, Regina! ~~Jan


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