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  1. I want to hide everything but LinkedIn. When I go to footer areas I do not see the code that you show and thus I cannot comment them out. What should I do?

    • Lowell, this is the tutorial you need to watch: Link correctionhttp://ctewebsite.com/blog/socialmediafollow/
      I removed all Follow Buttons…I was going to put your LinkedIn but can’t find your profile. I can help if you can send me the URL to your profile. ~~Jan

          • All the icons are still showing. I also made a mistake in the about me page and got a large picture at the top of the page that I wanted to replace the other picture in the same side as the other picture.

          • Lowell, If you mean the icons on your About Me page, I removed all but LinkedIn. I also made the LinkedIn button work. If you mean the Share buttons on the left of the page, you can turn those off at Settings-AddtoAny-Floating Tab-Vertical Buttons Placement-Click None. Save the page. In the footer, the Share Buttons are okay…you don’t have to have an account…visitors share your page on their social media accounts.
            I also fixed your picture on About Me. Let me know if I haven’t done what you requested. ~~Jan

          • I meant to say same size as the other picture.

          • Thank you.

  2. Trying to un-hide icons (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) from Footer #1 and Footer #2 (in Appearance – Widgets).
    Don’t see “Comment out Tags” except at the bottom of each footer/JAVA script:

    Do I delete the to do this?

    • Les, I’m not sure if you have a LinkedIn page yet, but to find your link for your LinkedIn profile, login to your LinkedIn profile. Click on your name or picture. Now below your picture you will see the url for your LinkedIn page.

      See my comments on your social media in the next comment.

  3. Attempting to un-hide LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook icons in (Appearance, Widgets) Footer # 1 and Footer # 3. I only see “Comment out Tags” at the bottom of each footer HTML script.
    Is it as simple as deleting the around .et_pb_column ? in order to un-hide the icons?

    • Hi Les, in footer 1 you don’t need to hide anything. Those social icons are for other people to share your page on their social media accounts.
      When you got your site nothing was hidden in footer 1 and nothing was hidden in footer 3. You add the comment out tags if you want to hide any of the social media icons in footer 3. To unhide, you delete the comment out tags, then save. Don’t do anything with

      Let me know if I didn’t answer your question.

  4. Jan,
    I would like to add the Facebook social media button back onto my footer. I have decided to create a business Facebook page and want to link them together.

    Also, is there a tutorial that shows how to link other URL Domain Names. I purchased some other ones before the CTE web sites were available and I was thinking I should make use of them by using them to drive people to my actual web site URL.

    • Hi Brenda,
      I took off the tags that were hiding your facebook icon. All you have to do is put your facebook url in the place of Jim Bob’s. There is a tutorial to show you how if you need it.

      I think what you are trying to do is redirect the URL’s you bought to http://brendalafayetteeducational.com. You will need to go to where you bought the domains and set them to redirect to http://brendalafayetteeducational.com. If you bought them at GoDaddy, they call it forwarding. At GoDaddy you would login to your account, expand Domains, find the domain you want and click manage. Under settings go down to Forwarding and click manage. You can enter http://brendalafayetteeducational.com there. If you need help from there I would call GoDaddy. They are good to help when needed.


  5. So sorry Jan. I did successfully delete the Twitter & RSS logos,and my LinkedIn is working & pointing to my page. My facebook however, is not working if I don’t do https. If I do have https, then who ever clicks it actually becomes me and can post anything they want as me. Lastly, I somehow lost my footer name in the center and your husband is ‘kinda’ back. The logo isn’t there for Jim Bob, but the field with an x is there and his name by it. Now what? Thanks. So sorry to bother you!!

    • Hi, Shawn! You and all the other associates I work with are never a bother to me! I like helping you!

      The issues you asked about seem to be resolved now, without my help. Everything looks good to me. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      Do you think the facebook issue could have been because you were logged into your fb account in the browser you were using to test the link? Therefore, you thought everyone could become you? Did you try testing it in a totally different browser than what you normally would use for facebook?


  6. Hi Jan,

    I mistakenly deleted the Share My Page and icons at the bottoms of pages while trying to delete the social media icons at the top. I guess I was overconfident that I could make this happen, and did not follow directions carefully. I have tried to figure out the problem by experimenting and am creating a worse problem. Please advise.

    • Merilyn,

      I pasted the Share My Page code back into widget in Footer 1.

      It’s always a good idea to copy and paste the code that’s inside a widget to a document on your computer before you delete or replace the widget code. That way if it doesn’t work the way you intended, all you have to do is paste the original code back in the widget.

      Thanks for asking here…everyone can see the tip I just gave you. 🙂


      • Thank you so much, Jan! I will always copy and paste code into a folder before ever deleting again.

  7. Hi Jan,
    I have also tried repeatedly to hide facebook and twitter from my front end. I copied and pasted the code as you demonstrated, but it is still showing. Can you please help me with this? Thanks!

    • Hi Jan….today is a new day. I tried again and now it is working!

      • Great, Peggy! That’s technology for you!

  8. Thank you , thank you….that worked great!

  9. Jan,
    I have tried a couple of times to hide the Follow Me Social buttons and have had no success. I added the html javascript adder and copied and pasted the info. like in the tutorial. Including the on and off html codes.
    I would like to the Share My Page on both sides of the my name footer.
    Any suggestions.
    I have a break out session on the 11th and would like to have my site fully updated with my info. by then and I still have the Pages tutorials and the woocommerce shopping cart tutorials to go.
    By the way, your tutorials are great and are very clear and concise.

    • Renee, glad tutorials are working well for you. I looked at your widgets and it looks like you need HTML JavaScript widget in footer 3 which is the right side. Copy and paste what’s in footer 1 text widget to footer 3 in that HTML JavaScript widget and save. It also looks like you need HTML Javascript widget in footer 1 and paste the same code there. Then delete the text widgets in both footer 1 and footer 3. Let me know if it works.

      • No luck in making it work. I am copying and pasting just like you show in the tutorial and I have removed the text widget. Now I have two share my page widgets on my site (one under the other) and the follow me widget is still there.
        Please HELP!I want to make it work but I just don’t have the know how. I know you are busy but if you could fix it, then undo it and tell me the steps to take to fix it myself maybe I can learn something new from all this.

        • Renee, the reason you couldn’t make it work is because I was telling you to paste into Footer 4 instead of Footer 3. I’m so sorry! We’re not using Footer 4 at all for anything. I have no idea why I typed in footer 4 instead of footer 3. I think you would have done it perfectly had it not been for my incorrect instructions. Here’s what I did to fix it:
          I slid your HTML Javascript widget from footer 4 to footer 3. I moved your footer 3 Follow Me HTML Javascript widget to the bottom left in an area called Inactive widgets. I did this in case you ever wanted to use it again. It still has code in it and you could drag it back to footer 3 if you ever wanted to use the Follow Me buttons. Once again, I’m sorry for my instructions that led you astray.

          I also corrected my previous reply to you so others could see the correct instructions.


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