Change the header logo…

Change The Header Logo – short transcript of the video

Login into the Backend of your site.

Go to Appearance>Cronus Theme Options.

I’m going to change out Jim Bob’s header logo with another director’s logo, Pam Bouie. I have not uploaded Pam’s logo yet, so that’s what I’m going to do first.

Click the reset button to delete the URL for Jim Bob’s logo. Now I’m going to upload the image for Pam’s logo from my computer. I’m going to click on upload image, and then I’m going to choose to select the file from my computer.

I navigate to the location on my computer where I saved Pam’s logo. I can double-click it or I can select it and click open at the bottom of the window.

It uploads and then when it’s done, I make sure full size is selected, and then click to Use the image. It automatically puts in the URL for Pam’s logo. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page…it’s a long page…and click save.

If I go back to the media library, I see that the header logo has been added there.

I’m going to go to the Frontend of the site and now I see that I have put Pamela Bouie’s logo at the top of the page. If the Frontend is already open, refresh the page to see the changes.