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Change contact information on top left of page…

Transcript of  Contact Information Video Tutorial

Let’s change this phone number and email in this tutorial. (Refers to the info on the top left of each page.)

Go to the dashboard, and go down to Appearance> Customize. This says that we are previewing the cronus child theme. It looks like you could change a lot of things in here, but you are very limited in what you can change because this site has been customized. 

We are going to go into Theme Settings. Go down to phone number and here’s where you would change your phone number. Then change the email to your email address.  Click Save and Publish.  Click the X to close.

Go to the frontend of your website and you should see your changes.


  1. Hi Jan, is it possible to change the bar where my phone number and email appears to a different color and make it bigger so it stands out a bit more?

    • Hi Sandy, We can change the color…not sure about the size. I would have to spend some time and see…sometimes when you make changes like that it affects the responsiveness of the site and it no longer looks good on mobile devices. Do you know what color you want to change to? ~~Jan

  2. Jan:
    I see no save on the page when we changed the phone and e-mail. Where on the page is it ???

    • Shirl, it’s at the top of the Customize panel. When you go to Appearance>Customize>Theme Settings, if you look at the top of that panel you’ll see Save or Save and Publish.

  3. Jan,

    I have used the fourth text box to replace Jim Bob’s information per the tutorial. However, upon saving, it doesn’t. My information is still there but it is not being transferred to replace Jim Bob’s information. Can you see what I must have done wrong?

    • Hi William!

      Are you talking about the Home page in the blurbs? If yes, I think you mean this one, “Jim Bob Solsbery is in huge demand as a seminar leader. His participants give him the highest marks as he delivers research based, common sense, practical, and proven strategies that are guaranteed to enhance your teaching techniques and improve your students’ performance.”

      After you click SAVE in the module be sure to click Update to make the change permanent to your site.

      If this isn’t what you are referring to please let me know. I’ll be glad to help further.


  4. Hi Jan. My current email with CTE is , however, I have as my business email. I put that one in and will officially notify CTE when it is working. Barney is having an issue with error messages getting my site up. (I own the domain) So, am I making a mistake putting my business email here yet? Thanks

    • Shawn, I think Barney will resolve your issues soon. He and his team is working on it. Your business email should be okay at that time.


  5. Thanks for the very helpful tutorials, Jan. I especially appreciate the way you have them organized into short clips. As I’m setting up my contact information but I’m still unclear as to when I should be using my or my boasev@gmail address I use for general business. I haven’t been able to access my on the webmail site so I’m questioning it’s reliability. Can you tell me what most associates use on their website? Thanks again.
    Vicki Boase

    • Vicki,

      Glad you find the tutorials helpful! The timetoteach email has been reliable for me. It was down briefly last Thursday, I reported it and it was fixed right away. Any time you have trouble with your ttt email you should email Aaron about it…the sooner the better. If you log in with the wrong username or password too many times your IP address is blocked…this is a security feature. The same is true for logging into your website…you don’t want to log in with the wrong user or password…after 3 tries your IP address is blocked and Barney will have to unblock it.

      I also have a gmail account and I use it for other things. I use my ttt email for my ttt business and of course, helping with websites. Just be sure to report any issues as soon as you can.


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