Change Request Quote Contact Form to point to your email address…

Transcript for Changing Request Quote Contact Form

People will be contacting you by way of your – Request a Quote page. They will fill out the form that you see here and then they will click on send at the bottom of the page. When they send their request their information will need to be emailed to YOU. Let’s set up this form with your email address.

In the backend or admin panel, go down the menu and click Contact>Contact Forms. You will see Contact Form 1 along with its short code. This short code is copied and pasted on the Request Quote page.  We will look at that in a moment.

Click on Contact Form 1. Once again we see the short code for this form. These are the fields that are listed on your form.

Now when someone fills out your – request quote form it has to go to you. Click on the Mail tab. In this TO field,  you’re going to put your email address. Be sure that it is accurate. Right here in the From column, you must enter reply @ your domain name (this may already be there). For instance I could put Jim Bob’s domain name (not email address) and it would be

In Subject line, this is the subject line for the person who is filling out your – request a quote page. You could enter something like Please Send Me a Training Quote.

Down below you see the message body, this is the information that is in an email that comes from this form having been filled out. The very last line here says this email was sent from Request Quote form on your site. Please replace the words your site name with the actual name of your site.

Now scroll up the page and click Save.

Now feel free to test this form and make sure that it’s working okay. Send it to yourself so that you can actually see what the email looks like when someone fills out the form. It will come to from CTE Support. CTE doesn’t see the request…only you. You start a new email to the person requesting the quote…don’t just reply to the email.

I also promised you that I would show you the short code on the page, so I’m going to go back to the Request a Quote page, and I’m going to edit that page. Once again here is our page builder modules. This module is for the short code. So if I click on the short code module, I see that the short code that we saw on the contact form area is pasted right here. Now there is no need for you to worry about pasting this code it has already been done for you and you don’t have to do it again.