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Change Request Quote Contact Form to point to your email address…

Transcript for Changing Request Quote Contact Form

People will be contacting you by way of your – Request a Quote page. They will fill out the form that you see here and then they will click on send at the bottom of the page. When they send their request their information will need to be emailed to YOU. Let’s set up this form with your email address.

In the backend or admin panel, go down the menu and click Contact>Contact Forms. You will see Contact Form 1 along with its short code. This short code is copied and pasted on the Request Quote page.  We will look at that in a moment.

Click on Contact Form 1. Once again we see the short code for this form. These are the fields that are listed on your form.

Now when someone fills out your – request quote form it has to go to you. Click on the Mail tab. In this TO field,  you’re going to put your email address. Be sure that it is accurate. Right here in the From column, you must enter reply @ your domain name (this may already be there). For instance I could put Jim Bob’s domain name (not email address) and it would be

In Subject line, this is the subject line for the person who is filling out your – request a quote page. You could enter something like Please Send Me a Training Quote.

Down below you see the message body, this is the information that is in an email that comes from this form having been filled out. The very last line here says this email was sent from Request Quote form on your site. Please replace the words your site name with the actual name of your site.

Now scroll up the page and click Save.

Now feel free to test this form and make sure that it’s working okay. Send it to yourself so that you can actually see what the email looks like when someone fills out the form. It will come to from CTE Support. CTE doesn’t see the request…only you. You start a new email to the person requesting the quote…don’t just reply to the email.

I also promised you that I would show you the short code on the page, so I’m going to go back to the Request a Quote page, and I’m going to edit that page. Once again here is our page builder modules. This module is for the short code. So if I click on the short code module, I see that the short code that we saw on the contact form area is pasted right here. Now there is no need for you to worry about pasting this code it has already been done for you and you don’t have to do it again.


  1. I’m having difficulty updating my contact form. I successfully put my email address in the “to” section, but when I put “” in the from section, it says it doesn’t match the domain name. I’ve tried it putting “noreply” and “reply” as it said in the tutorial instructions, but neither works. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • DiAnn, when I looked it still said I changed it and it should be okay now. Maybe you didn’t save after you made the change. Once you save the message about not matching the domain name goes away. Be sure to test your form and let me know if all isn’t okay. ~~Jan

  2. Hi,

    Is there a way to edit the actual content form? For example, to change Campus/District Name to School Name/Organization?

    • Alicia,
      You can change it. In the backend of your site on the menu on the left, point to Contact, Click on Contact Forms. Click on Contact Form 1. When it opens you’ll see the fields that are on your contact form. You can make the change there, then click Save.Then test the form to make sure it’s working properly.

  3. Hi, Jan!
    The “Send” button is gray and not active when I try out the request form on my site after the update using this tutorial. I’m thinking it may be due to not having received a confirmation yet regarding changing my email which I did a few hours ago. I saw somewhere where you mentioned notifying you if I haven’t received the change of email confirmation. How long does that normally take… and would that be slowing me down as I try to update my contact for the request a quote form? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Kay,
      I went into Settings>General. I cancelled my email underneath yours and saved the page. I then looked at your contact form and it looked okay. I then tested your Request a Quote form, the send button worked. Let me know if you get my test email. It will come to you from CTE Support. CTE doesn’t see the quote request, only you. Since we’re multisite, we used CTE Support. You will need to start a new email to the person who fills out your form…don’t just reply to their email. Let me know if you got my test quote or not.

  4. Hi!

    I am trying to figure out how to set up my mail 2 to send an auto response. I have tried several different things, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Where can I find information on how to set this up.

    I have added [] in the To field box. Is that correct?

    Kimberly McMahan

    • Kimberly, we worked this out by emailing each other, but I will say to everyone reading this that on Mail (2) we put [Email] in the TO field. ~Jan

  5. Hi Jan,
    Great tutorials. They have been straight forward and easy to follow. Very helpful.

    I have had some difficulty with the email request for quotes. I tried sending it from two separate addresses and used another device. IT said they were sent successfully. They have not arrived in my gmail in box. Should it come to my listed address?



  6. Jan,
    Great videos. I was wondering if when a quote is sent to me, can the email show in the FROM field “A-Team Trainers”? Right now, when I test it, the FROM field shows “WordPress”. I’m asking because I’m having these message filtered when they arrive in my email inbox so I don’t miss it. I also want the sender to receive a confirmation email that the quote was sent. Is that possible?



    • Travis, yes you can customize that line. I will be sending out an email to everyone about this question. Try putting this in the FROM field:

      A-Team Trainers <>

      I have put Requesting a Quote where you want A-Team Trainers and it worked great.

      Let me know if it doesn’t work.

  7. I also am having difficulties with the Request for Quote getting to my email account. I have tried two different emails but neither one got it. I also filled in the From field using my domain name. Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Nevermind–I got it and everything is Jan. Thank you!

  8. Comment
    Jan, the tutorials are fantastic, thanks so much. It all went smoothly until I got to the contact form tutorial. I am sure this sounds stupid, but what is my domain name?


    • Shaundele, I replied to you in an email but wanted to reply here as well…in case someone else had the same question. Your domain name is which is one of the 3 choices you wrote on your paper when you turned in your order for your site. It is the address to go to your site.

  9. Hello Jan,
    The videos are great. Thank you so much. I am having a few problems. My first problem is with the contact form. I followed the video’s instructions and I did not receive an email from the contact form. I also wanted to know how to get the video testimonials to play. Thank you, in advance.

    • Hi Donna! The video problem is fixed. We had misspelled your domain name in the permissions list to allow videos through to your site.

      I put my email address back in your contact form, filled out your request quote form and it was sent to me. Have you checked spam folder? Do you have a different email to try? When Pam (she commented below) had this problem she put in her other email and it worked fine.

      Maybe some email providers aren’t allowing it in. I’ll continue to research but in the meantime if you have another email address please try it. Update me on what happens, please!

    • Donna, did you try another email address? I couldn’t tell from your comment on the Tutorials page if you tried that or not. I know my gmail account works. I will continue to try to find the answer as to why yours is not.

    • Hi, Donna! I emailed you about the fix for your contact form but I wanted to post here so everyone can see it…put this in the From: field on your contact form. Replace yourdomainname with your own actual domain name:

      I’ve also revised the video on this page to show how to do this.

  10. Hi Jan,

    I am working on the Contact Form and the test did not work. When going to the Request A Quote page and clicking on edit, I get the following message:

    There is an autosave of this post that is more recent than the version below. View the autosave

    When viewing the autosave, I get the following message:

    Autosave by Jan Solsbery
    2 weeks ago (5 Sep @ 20:46)

    Should I click on “Restore This Autosave”?


    • Pam, the most important thing when editing the contact form is making sure your email is entered correctly and be sure to click Save. It looks like you did this.

      I edited your Request Quote page by clicking the update button. That got rid of the autosave message. I’m not sure why that message was there.

      I have filled out your form on your Request Quote page. Let me know if you received an email. Also check your spam folder if you don’t see my email in your inbox.

      Let me know if you got the email.

    • Pam, see the comment to Donna above…about the contact form. You can try your initial email address if you want to do so. Just be sure to put in the FROM field. Replace yourdomainname with your own actual domain name.

        • Pam, you would need to put your bellsouth email back in the Contact form to test it. Oh yes, and I forgot to tell you the shortcode for contact form 2 is the current one being used on your site. So…you would have to test bellsouth from that form. That’s why it’s still picking up your gmail and sending it there.

          • Thanks, Jan.

            I tried saving it again and it still went to instead of

            However, that is okay. I will just check for quotes at that location.

            Take care!


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