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  1. The “Recent Posts” page shows complete comments and allows new Comments to be submitted; the “Archive” page shows a little of each comment, apparently no images, and does not have a place to submit Comments. The “My Blog” page seems to default to the “Archive” page format, and the user must click on “Recent Posts” to see full detail. I would like my “My Blog” page to default to the “Recent Posts” format, so the user can see full detail for comments without having to navigate further.
    Thank you, Jan!

    • Hi David,

      This is my understanding of how the comment section works on each page:

      When you click on the link to your blog in the menu bar (My Blog) you are taken to a page that lists 10 of your recent posts (if you have made that many and this number can be changed). A visitor can click on the title of the post to be taken to the actual post page you created. Pictures or placeholder pictures of the person commenting can be seen when a comment is made.

      When you click on one of the blog posts on “Recent Posts” page or in the sidebar, it takes you to the actual post page you created and shows complete comments and allows new Comments to be submitted. Pictures or placeholder pictures of the person commenting can be seen when a comment is made.

      When you click on one of the months in the sidebar under Archives you are taken to a list of blog posts made during that month. You then click on the title of the post and you are taken to the actual post page you created and shows complete comments and allows new comments to be submitted.

      Once again the “My Blog” page is a list of 10 of “Recent Posts”. The only way to see comments is to click on the title of the blog post, which takes you to the actual blog page you created. Comments are not actually shown on Archives pages or Recent Post pages(archived by month). I am going to explore ways to get a link to show up on the MY BLOG page that will make it more clear for visitors to click and get to your post page. I’ll let you know when that’s been done.


  2. Jan,

    Please disregard previous comments. I went back through the emails you sent us and located the instructions. Thank you

    • Leroy, I’m confused as to what you don’t need help with. Do you still need help with the form for people to sign up for your blog?

  3. Jan,

    I hope all is well. I have a few questions regarding my new blog that I set up. I created a draft of a blog post that I will be publishing. I wrote the post divided in several paragraphs. When I go to preview the front end, the paragraphs have all merged into one large paragraph. Could you tell me how to get my post to view the way I wrote it? I was in the “visual” tab when I created it.

    I want to include the contact form to get email subscribers. I followed your tutorial. I’m getting the contact form that you had us input but I’m showing and additional comment box below the contact form. Is there a contact form that is automatically on the new blog page so that I wouldn’t have to add another form?

    Can you let me know how “Join my mailing list” works and is processed? Is this where interested candidates can enroll in my mailing subscription?

    Thank you for your assistance.
    LeRoy King

    • Leroy,
      Wordpress likes to strip paragraph tags. The plugin we were using to keep that from happening quit working with the last WordPress update we did recently. We installed a new plugin to take of this and it also gives more formatting options on your toolbar when editing a page. I’ve been turning this plugin on for everyone over the past few days…just didn’t get to yours before you edited your post. Put the paragraphs back in your post. It should work fine now. I went in and fixed the plugin settings for your site just now.

      Please give me the weekend to work on your contact form question. I’m in travel status today and want have time to give it more attention than I have right now.

      Join My Mailing List right now goes into CTE mailing list. You can certainly change the link to go where you want. Go to Appearance>Menus and choose the Header Menu and click Select. You can then select another page to link it to…maybe your blog with the form on it. Up to you. You can also change the label to say something other that Join Our Mailing list.

      I’ll get back with you about the blog form. ~Jan
      Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • Jan, thank you for your response and assistance. I had sent a previous response before reading your response. Sorry :). The info you provided was helpful. I had one additional question regarding the authorship on my blog. It is showing up in the form of my username instead of in the formal format of my name, “by LeRoy King.” Could you direct me on how to change it? Thank you again for your help.


        • Leroy, I went to the backend of your site and clicked Users>All Users and clicked on your username. I then scrolled down and chose your formal name in the drop down box where it says, Display name publicly as. Then I Saved the changes. Now every time you write/edit a post, scroll down the page and choose your formal name where it says Author. Update the page if needed.

          Let me know if you have more questions.


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