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Add new products to the shop page of your site…

Transcript of the Video Tutorial – Adding Products to the Shop Page

Let’s learn how to add a new product that you might want to sell on your website. To do that I can go up here to the toolbar to New – Product, or I can go to the left menu to Products – Add Product.

So let’s add a new product. The product that I’m going to add is a pretend product.  It really doesn’t exist for me.  Name the product, then write a description of the product.

Scrolling down, I put a price. I’m going to pretend it’s a product we can ship. We’ve already talked about shipping and if you are giving free shipping which is what we recommend, then you would add your shipping here to your regular price…including the shipping in your regular price.

You can also do a sale price. You can run an item on sale, and if you put in a sale price then you can schedule how many days you want that sale price to run. I’m not putting in a SKU number.  We haven’t put any SKU numbers in for any of our products.

Also, when we were setting up Woocommerce, I talked with you about setting up your tax information. You should talk to your accountant about how you should do your taxes on these products. If you set up any tax information,  you would see in this area some more fields that deal with taxes. We are not doing a product short description and we are not worried with custom fields.

Over here on the right we want to add this product to a category. Of course we want it in our All Products category, but this is also a technology book so I’m going to just add a new product category. I know I’ve already shown you how to add categories, but you can also add a new category right here within the product.

Scroll down and on the right and click on Set Featured Image, which is a picture of the product. Find the image on your computer and Set As Product Image. This image crops to  74 pixels wide.

Scroll up and on the right side, click Update.

Check out the new product and category on the frontend of your website.


  1. Hello,

    Part of my book cover is cutting off when I update. I tried changing the sizes. Help!

    • Hi Alicia,
      It looks like to me that you resized your book cover successfully. Correct me if I’m wrong. It might show up better with a stroke around it. Look at Jim Bob’s book. It has a white background and I put a stroke around it so would be more defined. Let me know what you think of that idea.

      • Do you think that will help it look less blurry? How can I do that? Thank you!

  2. I would be happy to sell Jim Bob’s book on my site. Please let me know the wholesale and suggested retail.
    I would also like to sell Joanna’s book on my site. Does she do this?

    • Mary Jane, I really don’t recommend selling their books on your site. Your profit margin would be much higher with our other products. ~~Jan


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