Coupon Code

Create a coupon code…Video coming. Here are written instructions.In this tutorial we will be setting up coupons. Coupons can be a great incentive to get people attending your breakout sessions, onsite presentations, or invitationals to go to your website and purchase products. I’m sure you can think of other ways to use coupons as well. WooCommerce makes it easy to create new and advanced coupons, and also manage existing coupons.Login to the backend or admin panel of your site.On the left Menu, point to WooCommerce. If you see Coupons in the fly-out menu then Coupons are activated on your site. If you don’t see Coupons go to WooCommerce>Settings>Checkout>Check the box beside Enable the Use of Coupons. Be sure to Save the page.To create a new coupon, go to WooCommerce>Coupons>Add Coupon. As you can see, the new coupon page looks a lot like a new page, new post page, and new product page, because a coupon is just a custom post inside WordPress.This means it behaves much like a custom page or post; you can enter your title, you can go in and change it at any time, you can save it, you can put in a trash bin, and you can restore it if you trashed it by mistake.Let’s set up a new coupon. Give the coupon a brief code, like tcea, to represent the conference where you are presenting a breakout session. Setting a description for the coupon is just for your purposes, so you remember what this coupon is for. For example, if it’s a coupon that gives a discount on a certain product at a certain… Read More »

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