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Add new products to the shop page of your site…Transcript of the Video Tutorial – Adding Products to the Shop PageLet’s learn how to add a new product that you might want to sell on your website. To do that I can go up here to the toolbar to New – Product, or I can go to the left menu to Products – Add Product.So let’s add a new product. The product that I’m going to add is a pretend product.  It really doesn’t exist for me.  Name the product, then write a description of the product.Scrolling down, I put a price. I’m going to pretend it’s a product we can ship. We’ve already talked about shipping and if you are giving free shipping which is what we recommend, then you would add your shipping here to your regular price…including the shipping in your regular price.You can also do a sale price. You can run an item on sale, and if you put in a sale price then you can schedule how many days you want that sale price to run. I’m not putting in a SKU number.  We haven’t put any SKU numbers in for any of our products.Also, when we were setting up Woocommerce, I talked with you about setting up your tax information. You should talk to your accountant about how you should do your taxes on these products. If you set up any tax information,  you would see in this area some more fields that deal with taxes. We are not doing a product short description and we are not worried with custom fields.Over here… Read More »


Put your list of products in a different order…rearrangeTranscript of Tutorial on Rearranging the Order of  Your ProductsIn this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can put this list of products in a different order.  But before we do, that we have categories on this page. We have created all of these categories and I will be showing you how to do those in a later tutorial.The first product on my page right now is Jim Bob’s book. That’s what he would want to be first on the page. Then comes Classroom Management Training Resource Manual, then Teach – To’s, then the Yellow Book, then the Yellow Book in Audio Form, and so forth down the page.I’m going to show you how you can reorder these. Let’s say for instance you are strictly a DI trainer right now, you might want your DI books to be listed before all of the Classroom Management books.I wouldn’t delete any of the books because you never know when a visitor to your site might want to purchase a Classroom Management Book.  I am going to show you how you can reorder or rearrange the Differentiated Instruction Books to be first on your list.Here I am at the dashboard and on the left hand side on the main menu I’m going to go to Products – Reorder. Now Reorder has nothing to do with people ordering products from you. It has to do with how they display on your shop page…what order in which they are listed. As we saw just a minute ago Jim Bob’s book was first, and here’s… Read More »

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